The Price of Gas

This is another animation I developed together with studio Mister Lee. Douwe van der Werf wrote the script, together we came up with the storyboard, Roland Macdonald created the great designs and I did all the animation. All animation was done in After Effects. “Mister Lee created a film (in Dutch) titled ‘The Price of […]

Reel 2013

Check out my latest reel!

Losing Nemo

Losing Nemo is finally online! We hope you enjoy the fruits of our collective creative suffering; we feel it was very much worth it. If you like the film: SHARE IT! To learn more about the problems with overfishing and what you can do to help the Black Fish, visit the Black Fish

It Is What It Is – the short

after having seen a bunch of festivals around the world, my film will settle down here on this page for everyone to see! I am starting to see it with fresh eyes myself! Which might be one of my favorite parts of the process