This is another animation I developed together with studio Mister Lee. Douwe van der Werf wrote the script, together we came up with the storyboard, Roland Macdonald created the great designs and I did all the animation. All animation was done in After Effects.

“Mister Lee created a film (in Dutch) titled ‘The Price of Gas’, that critiques the Dutch national gas policy.

The Netherlands has produced its own gas for a long time, but gas reserves are projected to run out in the next decade or so. However, the Dutch government intends to keep investing public money in new gas infrastructure because it has the ambition to become the ‘Gas-hub of Europe’ – this effectively means the country will become a gas reseller.

The effect of this is that the Netherlands become more dependent on countries like Russia, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, politically unstable countries with poor human rights and environmental track records.

Secondly, gas just isn’t sustainable: it’s cleaner perhaps than coal and oil, but it produces lots of carbon dioxide nonetheless. If we want to become more self-sustained when it comes to energy production, we need to consider the long term and invest in cleaner sources of energy today.”

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Research & Policy Paper: Peter Polder, Voorbij de Olie Consultancy

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